Welcome to 1001bit Pro v2 - Academic discount

We offer special discount for students and academic institutions.
To request for academic discount:
If you are currently a student: please scan a copy of your student pass or any document indicating you being a student and email to registration@1001bit.com
If you are applying for the institution: please scan a copy of your request in your institutions letter head, or send us a request using your institutions email address to registration@1001bit.com

You will receive a notification email once we verify the information.
If you need assistance, please drop us an email at help@1001bit.com

You should receive a confirmation email within minutes of your purchase.
You can proceed to register and obtain an activation key after receiving an email from us confirming the setting up of your account.
The activation process for 1001bit Pro is different from 1001bit Standard version
Please take a look at our step by step activation guide for more info on how to activate your software.
If you do not receive any confirmation email from us after 1 hour, please send us an email at help@1001bit.com
Thank your for supporting 1001bit Pro!
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