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Click here to download 1001bit Pro v2 in rbz format(English version)
(1001bit_pro(v2.2).rbz - approx. 6 MB)

Sketchup 8 and Sketchup 2013 (and later versions) comes with an easy way or setting up extensions using the .rbz file. We strongly recommend you install using this method.
Click here to understand more about installation using rbz file

The current version (v2.2) fixes the crashing issues with Sketchup2014, in particularly 'extend' and 'information between 2 points' tools.
We have tested all the tools to work with Sketchup2014. If there is any issue, please email bug report directly to help@1001bit.com

To activate 1001bit Pro on Sketchup 2013(Windows): Please run Sketchup 2013 as administrator when you perform activation.

Click here to download 1001bit Pro v2 in zip format(English version)
(1001bit_pro(v2.2).zip - approx. 6 MB)

Click here for a summary of the improvements in 1001bit Pro v2!

Users who registered for 1001bit Standard and 1001bit Pro v1 are eligible for upgrade to 1001bit Pro v2 with discount.
Users who registered for 1001bit Pro v1 on and after 1st January 2012 can upgrade for FREE.

In addition to the above, 1001bit Pro with following languages are available from our resellers

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Japanese

Please read the simple terms and conditions below. By downloading and installing 1001bit Pro, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated below.

Simple terms and conditions

You can try out 1001bit Pro for free for 30 days. If you find 1001bit Pro useful and wish to continue using it beyond the trial period, you are required to obtain a user license. Each user license allows for activating 1001bit Pro on 2 separate computers.

You agree not to distribute and/or sell the scripts to others.

You agree not to copy, modify or reverse engineer the scripts from us.

We will not be responsible/liable on how you use the tools,and the output form the tools. All the scripts have been tested by us, and it is unlikely that any of the scripts can cause damage to your computer or your files.

There were instances that some of the scripts have caused Sketchup to freeze (most probably due to extensive processing) or have caused Sketchup to exit prematurely (crash) during our early development. None of them has caused any damage to Sketchup, or Sketchup drawings. Those bugs have been resolved, and of course the purpose of beta testing is to catch any bugs that we might have missed. You agree that we will not be responsible nor liable in any outcome of using our scripts.

All copyright of the scripts from 1001bit.com remains with us unless otherwise stated.

Visit a reseller near you for localised language versions of 1001bit Pro.