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Postby GohCH » Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:35 am

hi everyone!!!
I've made some improvements and added a new revolved surface tool in version 1.1.6 update!
Thanks for your translation for the v1.1.5; would be really grateful if you could continue to support v1.1.6 translation on the revolved surface tool, the file revsurf.txt file is at

2 new lines need to be added to 1001bitmenu.txt file (anywhere before end>>end>>end)
t39>>Revolved surface>>Revolved surface
st39>>Create revolved surface from selected edges.>>Create revolved surface from selected edges.
Please refer the 1001bitmenu.txt file inside the

also, you can now control the size of the dialog box by adding the following lines (anywhere before end>>end>>end)

dw>>dialog box width>>400
dh>>dialog box height>>500

Thanks and best regards!

Goh C H
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Re: 1001bit language pack

Postby GohCH » Sun Jun 14, 2009 2:38 pm

A very important note on the language files;
the last line
MUST be followed with at least a carriage return (ENTER).
The translation file will cause an error if the last line is not complete with an enter.
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Re: 1001bit language pack

Postby GohCH » Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:34 am

hi everyone,
Merry Christmas!!!
Anyone interested to add the translation for version 1.1.7 can download the new files from below:

For new translation please download the complete files:
full language files for 1001bit version 1.1.7
(17.18 KiB) Downloaded 1085 times

Upgrade from version 1.1.6, please download and add the following files into your existing language folder:
upgrade from v1.1.6
(2.57 KiB) Downloaded 930 times


as for the 1001bitmenu.txt; do not replace your current 1001bitmenu.txt file.
edit the 1001bitmenu.txt file with a text editor(eg. notepad), and add/paste the following lines into the file
(after the line starting with st39>>..... before the line sm1>>....)
1001bit-lang-v1.1.7.jpg (340.15 KiB) Viewed 10292 times

t40>>Extrude taper>>Extrude taper
st40>>Extrude selected profile (maintain taper).>>Extrude selected profile (maintain taper).
t41>>Rectangular grille>>Rectangular grille
st41>>Create rectangular grille from edges>>Create rectangular grille from edges
t42>>Tubular grille>>Tubular grille
st42>>Create tubular grille from edges>>Create tubular grille from edges

a sample 1001bitmenu.txt file is included in the zip for convenience.

Have fun! and wishing everyone prosperity and good health in the new year ahead!
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