1001bit Pro activation (process is different from standard)

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1001bit Pro activation (process is different from standard)

Postby GohCH » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:10 pm

hi all,
The process of activation for 1001bit Pro is different from 1001bit Standard.
In the Standard version, we sent out activation keys via email.
In 1001bit Pro, we no longer send out activation key in emails.

This is because the activation key in 1001bit Pro is unique to your computer's network adaptor.
A request code is generated and is necessary for the generation of activation key that will work on the computer on which the request code is originated.
Please note that activation key issued for a computer will not work on another computer.

After your payment is successfully processed, you will get a notification email saying that your account is setup successfully and that you can now proceed to obtain an activation key. The time frame taken for you to get this notification depends on the time taken to process your purchase. I've setup automatic registration and notification on 1001bit.com; in which case you should receive this notification immediately after you make payment.
On reseller's website, this depends on whether they are processed manually or automatically. All our resellers are committed to register your sales as soon as possible, within 24 hours of purchase.

As soon as you receive the notification email, you can proceed to get activation key. Please note that we do not send out activation key in emails anymore.
Activation keys are obtained through the activation dialog boxes in Sketchup, when you click 'Activate 1001bit pro' or when you enter Sketchup without activating 1001bit pro.

Please follow the step by step activation guide to activate your copy of 1001bit Pro.

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