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Change Group to Component

Postby Paulji » Mon Feb 22, 2010 6:44 pm

I'd like to see a tool that works like the "Reload" command for Components. SU has the "Make Component" command available after selecting a Group ....but this isn't what I'm suggesting. This new tool would allow you to select a group or selection set of groups and Replace (similar to "Reload") those group/groups with a Component. An simple example of using this tool would be:
1. Select a window or number of windows (made groups by 1001bit tools)
2. Activate the "Replace with Component" tool.
3. Select a window component through the Components palette.
4. All the selected windows are automatically replaced with the new window component.

Note: If the new window component is larger or smaller than the original grouped window, the "hole" in the wall automatically adjusts. (Now I'm probably really dreaming!)

Anyone like this idea?

Also, I'd like to see an option to create a component rather than a group when creating a window or door or....using 1001bit tools.
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