ptoblem making the window frame work

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ptoblem making the window frame work

Postby Brendon » Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:37 pm

I have a wall. I put a rectangle on the face. I point to it to highlight the rectangle. I use the create window function. The wall is 150mm thick:

rectangular frame
rectangular frame bevelled edge
rectangular frame recessed/extruded edge (yes)

Frame depth (d) 250
Recess/bevel/extrusion depth (d2) 20
Frame width (w) 50
Recess/bevel/extrusion width (w2) 40

For Window frame location (in relation to selected face): front - middle - back , I have used them all. All to no avail.

I end up with a frame either at the back (if I use back), or at the front of the wall (if I use middle or front). At all times the window part remains opaque. The frame thickness is way wider than the wall, and that makes no difference. There is nothing in the tutorial that says where I am going wrong. In fact it does not even show the front middle back part options.

I have the wall as a component, and I have tried it exploded.
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Re: ptoblem making the window frame work

Postby GohCH » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:33 pm

hi Brendon,
Can you send me your skp file to have a look? (please email to
The window frame tool works on a selected face. If the face is inside a group or component, please click into the group or component and then select the face, then run the tool.
btw, the opening tool and the window frame tool is separate.

The window frame tool creates a frame using the outline of the selected face (it doesn't cut the wall, please use the opening tool to cut wall for now. I'm working on a new tool that cuts wall and insert standard rectangular windows).
please take a look at the userguide for 1001bit Pro at
although this userguide is for Pro version, the function for windows frame is similar for both standard and pro.

What the window frame tool does is
1) take the shape/outline of the selected face
2) create a frame around the outer edges of the face (on the inside)
3) create a face inside the frame (placed in the middle of the frame). This face is meant for further processing, like you can turn this face into louvres, or simply assign a glass material to it, or apply the window frame tool on it again to create window leafs... etc
4) the frame and the new face inside are 2 separate groups placed in a group. (this is to facilitate ease of applying materials)
also please take a look at the following topic on assigning materials
5) place the entire group in front, middle or at the back in relation to the original face

please take a look at the tutorial (i should probably rename that section to 'tutorials')

Also, please try this, draw a rectangle on the floor, extrude it up, then click a face and run the window frame tool. If it doesn't take the outline of that face and creates a frame, something is wrong with the installation.

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