1001bit tools in different languages! (version 1.1.5)

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1001bit tools in different languages! (version 1.1.5)

Postby GohCH » Fri May 01, 2009 1:57 am

Hi everyone,
1001bit tools is now possible for different languages! :D
A new language pack function is added into version 1.1.5, which allows for automatic translation of the dialog boxes, status bar, tooltips and error messages into your local languages.
hip roof dialog in Chinese Simplified - courtesy of purplewind
hip roof dialog in Japanese - courtesy of Takeshi

Here's how it works
In version 1.1.5, there's an additional language folder inside the 1001bit folder.

inside the language folder, there's a collection of text files (.txt) which contains the language translation.
translation courtesy of purplewind

The format of the translation is
Just use a text editor to edit the .txt file and save it.
You may need to try saving the file in different format, for example, the Chinese version has to be saved in UTF-8 format for it to work properly on a Mac (English).

The first full translation into Chinese Simplified language has been completed and tested by purplewind of club.sketchupbar.com
Special thanks to Purplewind for sharing his hardwork!

by the way, the 1001bit_tools.rbs file in the Plugins folder needs to be replaced with the latest. Otherwise you'll see a lot of errors!
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Re: 1001bit tools in different languages! (version 1.1.5)

Postby DMJY » Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:35 pm

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